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Press Release: European glass fibre reinforcements industry welcomes launch of European Commission investigations into dumping by state-backed Chinese producers exporting from Bahrain and Egypt.

2019-05-03: Axel Jorns, Secretary-General at GlassFibreEurope welcomed the announcement in the EU's Official Journal today: “We strongly welcome the new European Commission investigation into the destructive dumping of state-backed Chinese producers exporting from Bahrain and Egypt. To address the surge of unfairly traded imports from those countries, GlassFibreEurope has asked the European Commission for the immediate registration of glass fibre reinforcement imports from Bahrain and Egypt, which would allow EU anti-dumping duties to be imposed retroactively to the date of registration. We are confident that the European Commission will make a thorough analysis and confirm the existence of dumping by imports from Bahrain and Egypt, which is injuring EU producers and destroying valuable manufacturing jobs, growth and investment in Europe. European downstream industries need a local, innovative and viable glass fibre reinforcements industry to compete internationally. If Europe loses glass fibre reinforcements manufacturing, key sectors from renewables to construction will be dependent on inputs from Chinese state-backed companies.”Read More

GlassFibreEurope represents the interests of European glass fibre manufacturers and their 5,000 employees.  Glass fibre reinforcements (GFR) is a strategic sector for Europe’s future because new materials made with it are stronger and lighter than traditional materials like steel, aluminium and wood.  The most extensive use of GFR is in composite materials which are integral to some of the most important and exciting European innovations of our time including wind turbines, the Airbus A350 and fuel-efficient cars.

Soon after the EU started investigating illegal subsidies and dumping of Chinese-based GFR companies in 2013, the state-owned Chinese companies i.e. the Jushi Group and the CPIC Group opened / acquired production sites in Egypt and Bahrain, respectively, in order to avoid EU trade defence measures against imports from China.  Since 2015, imports from Bahrain and Egypt into the EU have increased by over 200% which has depressed sales of EU production, even in a growing market.  Furthermore, prices of glass fibre imports from Bahrain decreased by approximately 15% between 2016 and 2018, and prices of glass fibre imports from Egypt decreased by approximately 10% over the same period, undercutting and causing further injury to EU industry.

Axel Jorns, Secretary-General at GlassFibreEurope concluded: “Starting from no presence on the EU market, dumped glass fibre reinforcements imports from Bahrain and Egypt took almost 10% EU market share between 2015 and 2018. The EU must impose effective anti-dumping measures to restore fair competition with Egypt and Bahrain, and keep glass fibre reinforcements manufacturing in Europe. The members of GlassFibreEurope are firm believers in free trade, but trade must also be fair. Injuring domestic producers through imports which are dumped is against the WTO and EU rules.”

For further information email: info@glassfibreeurope.eu 

Link to Official Journal announcing launch of the investigation: