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GlassFibreEurope member companies located in the EU-28 make a significant contribution to the welfare of the citizens by enabling innovation, creating quality of life and facilitating resource and energy efficiency as well as climate protection. Around 5,000 people are employed by GlassFibreEurope member companies in the EU-28.

GlassFibreEurope members manufacture ‘continuous filament glass fibre’ products. The continuous filament glass fibre production process but also the use of the product differs drastically from the production process and use of insulation glass fibres. The insulation glass fibre is generally termed ‘glass wool’.

Continuous filament glass fibre products are mainly used to reinforce plastic polymers to form composites. Glass fibre accounts for about 90% of the reinforcements used in composite consumption globally. Glass fibre composite materials are used in an increasingly wide variety of  applications. Primarily in the automotive and transport sectors, the electrical and electronics industry and  the construction industry. Other markets for composite materials include pipes and tanks, agricultural equipment,  industrial machinery, wind turbine blades and the sports, leisure and marine sectors.

There is tremendous potential of glass fibre reinforced composites to further replace traditional materials, such as metal, wood and concrete in order to benefit from glass fibre’s light weight and high energy efficiency.