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Welcome to GlassFibreEurope

The European Glass Fibre Producers Association based in Brussels.

GlassFibreEurope promotes the positive contributions of glass fibre to society by:

    • Highlighting glass fibre’s specific properties and the various applications through its life cycle;
    • Liaising with European and national institutions ensure evidence based decisions;
    • Demonstrating glass fibre’s contribution to sustainable development, innovation and quality of life;
    • Carrying out detached expert studies and sharing of best practice.

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More about GlassFibreEurope

Latest industry information

Continuous Filament Glass Fibre and Human Health /EHS & Regulatory

Latest information on continuous filament glass fibres (CFGF) and human health. GlassFibreEurope continually reviews and updates product information based on the latest evaluation of work by different laboratories.Read More

Status of Continuous Filament Glass Fiber products under selected international chemical regulations /EHS & Regulatory/Other/Trade

Continuous Filament Glass Fiber (CFGF) products meet the definition of Article in various international chemical regulations. While the wording may differ from country to country, the letter and intend of the definitions are consistent and applicable to CFGF products.Read More