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POSITION: Continuous Filament Glass Fibre and Human Health

Continuous filament glass fibres (CFGF) produced by GlassFibreEurope member companies have diameters greater than 6 microns. These fibres therefore have filament diameters above the respirable size of 3 microns or less, thus minimising the potential for any chronic pulmonary effects associated with exposure to fibres.

Customers can confirm the diameter of the fibre that they purchase from their supplier. The irritation that can possibly be caused by these fibres is the result of mechanical abrasion, which can be minimised by good industrial hygiene practices.

Manufacturers and their customers should continue to use approved safety and health practices to ensure safe use of our products. Work practices and procedures should be in place to minimise dust generation. Local exhaust ventilation should be used if necessary to minimise and/or keep airborne dust levels below recommended limits. A government approved dust respirator should be used if airborne concentrations exceed regulatory and recommended limits, if irritation occurs, or if the workers choose to do so for personal comfort. Exposure assessments should be conducted, as appropriate, to ensure exposures are within recommended limits.