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About Us

GlassFibreEurope represents the European Glass Fibre Producers, APFE, in Brussels.

GlassFibreEurope is member of Glass Alliance Europe (formerly CPIV) and has developed close partnerships with other associations that represent glass sectors, e.g. FEVE, the Europe Container Glass Industry Association; Glass for Europe, the European Flat Glass Industry Association; EDG, the European Domestic Glass Committee; ICF, International Crystal Federation and ESGA, European Special Glass Association. Other association affiliations relate to up- and downstream users like CEFIC (Conseil Européen de l’Industrie Chimique), PlasticsEurope and the European Composite Association.


GlassFibreEurope, with the APFE acronym for Association des Producteurs de Fibres de Verre Européens, was founded in 1987 under Belgian law and as non-profit international trade association based in Brussels. It succeeded to a “group” that was part of CIRFS, the Comité International de la Rayonne et des Fibres Synthétiques in Paris, which was created earlier as the interest group of producers and processors of man-made fibres, as opposed to processors of natural fibres.

GlassFibreEurope decided to set up an independent branch organisation with a close link or membership with CPIV, Comité Permanent des Industries du Verre Européennes, as CIRFS representativeness progressively focused on textiles and textile industry sectors in Western Europe.

GlassFibreEurope includes producers of reinforcement fibres and glass yarn only. Producers of glass wool being affiliated to EURIMA, the European Insulation Manufacturers Association.

GlassFibreEurope acquired member companies due to the accession of the European Community of Eastern European countries. Today GlassFibreEurope membership is no longer restricted to companies operating in Western Europe, but to the entire EU-28 plus Turkey.